Third Project Finished

The feeders that Emmy uses for feeding the chickens sit on the ground, and the chickens are forever knocking them over. So Dad and I and suspended them off the ground with a chain.  


Second Project Finished

It may not look like much, but this little piece of wood is plugging hole under the door that’s been letting cold air into the house.   

First Project Finished

Monday and Tuesday are project days!  Dad came down to help me get a few projects finished around the house. The first project that we finished was the instalaation of a new rain barrel. We bought it from our town, Wake Forest. At $90, it’s a wee bit pricey, but it’s really good quality and came with a spigot, an overflow hose, and a scrren to keep out debris. Now all we need is some rain!  

Deluge – My First Open Source Software

This week we released my first piece of open source software, known as Deluge.  It uses the new features found in XSLT 3 to process huge data files and streaming web sites.  It’s both a CLI and API and is written with Java; it includes both the binary (a JAR file for Java 7) and the source (a NetBeans 8 project).  My friend, Roger Costello, released the software on his site,, along with a tutorial that he wrote on XML streaming.  Take a look!

Vainglory Video

Vainglory on iOS is currently my favorite video game.  I tend to play support characters, and in this video I play a crystal Adagio, with the plan of keeping my friends alive.  This allows them to focus on damaging the other team.  Did it work?  Find out: