Building Stairs

Jacen, Tom, and I spent a few hours last weekend helping the SWAT team to build some stairs into the side of a hill at New Life Camp.  Cutting into red clay and rocks is hard work, but we got four stairs finished before we had to leave.



Jacen needed a new bookcase for his room, so he’s been building one in the garage the last two weeks. This afternoon he finished routing the corners, so all that’s left is staining and polying.


Water bottle

Jacen’s skills with Blender continue to grow. First, he created an image using 3D letters with his online handle.


Then he created a water bottle, and wrapped it with the first image. Cool.



Jacen is taking a class on using Blender, a 3D graphics and animation tool, this year. Two weeks into the year and he’s already creating images like this. Wow!


Santa monkey with Blender

For a fine arts class this year Jacen is learning to build 3D animations using Blender. This is his first assignment, which turned out rather well. I’m looking forward to see all of the creative images and videos that he will create this year.



While we were in Texas recently for vacation, Jacen spent several hours working with his grandfather’s tools:



While we were in Texas for our vacation, Ann’s father, Tom, taught Jacen how to use his scroll saw to do some woodworking.  Just before we left, he bought Jacen his own saw.  (How cool is that!)  Naturally, we needed a place to put this saw, so Jacen and I built our own workbench.  It’s as simple as workbenches get. (Here are the plans to build it.)


The saw:


The bench: