Scads of catepillars

A veritable horde of caterpillars descended upon the azaleas in my front yard. They had completely stripped one bush barren and were working on the other before I caught ’em. Ant poison works well.


A New Addition

Thanks to our kind landlord, we have a new crepe myrtle in the front yard.


Gerber Daisy

Our house has a nice porch and a place to hang up to four hanging baskets. For the first time I bought Ann a gerber daisy as one of these hanging baskets, and it has not disappointed:

120510 Gerber Daisy


We live in a rented home, and while we’re very glad to be here, the yard is a bit…how shall I say it?…drab. So to brighten things up a bit, I planted a bunch of wildflowers this spring. They’ve done really well, so here’s one I’d like to share with you. ¬†Uh, anyone know what it is?

120607 Wildflower