Emilee is part of a 4H club near Bunn, NC, known as Team Dirt.  Yesterday was fishing day, so here’s a shot of Emilee getting ready to cast a Jitterbug into one of the ponds.  She caught 3 largemouth bass, the biggest around 11 inches.


Fishing on Lake Kerr

On Monday Jacen and I went fishing for crappie with my father on Lake Kerr.  The water really wasn’t quite warm enough, so we didn’t catch much.  Jacen caught the biggest crappie (9.5 in), but I got the biggest fish (15.5 in), a largemouth bass.






Now that’s a fish

My Dad’s been fishing lately.  Here’s a picture of a sockeye salmon (red) that he caught.  That’s a 12 pound fish, my friends!  Way to go, Dad!