More Help

Kathleen came over today in part to help Emmy with the chicken coop. Only the doors and roof remain.


Emilee Earns Her Blue Belt in TKD

Emilee continues to work on her Tae Kwon Do skills, and last night she earned her blue belt.  As usual, she had to work through several forms.

She also had to spar against a black belt.

In the end, she was successful and was awarded her blue belt.  Go Emmy!

iPod Nano

Emmy got an iPod Nano for Christmas this year.

iPod Nano For Christmas

Training to Jump

Emilee is not only taking lessons from Megan, but she’s also helping here train the young horse, Jasper. In this picture, they are working on training the horse to jump.

Emilee on Jasper

For the last few months, Emilee has been taking horseback riding lessons and helping to train a new horse, Jasper. Today I went out to watch and take a few shots.