Third Project Finished

The feeders that Emmy uses for feeding the chickens sit on the ground, and the chickens are forever knocking them over. So Dad and I and suspended them off the ground with a chain.  


First Project Finished

Monday and Tuesday are project days!  Dad came down to help me get a few projects finished around the house. The first project that we finished was the instalaation of a new rain barrel. We bought it from our town, Wake Forest. At $90, it’s a wee bit pricey, but it’s really good quality and came with a spigot, an overflow hose, and a scrren to keep out debris. Now all we need is some rain!  


Emilee found a place to buy some chickens from, so we’re back to work on the chicken coop. It’s looking good.



Emilee Earns Her Blue Belt in TKD

Emilee continues to work on her Tae Kwon Do skills, and last night she earned her blue belt.  As usual, she had to work through several forms.

She also had to spar against a black belt.

In the end, she was successful and was awarded her blue belt.  Go Emmy!