Sep 162014

We are in the Philly airport, waiting for our next flight. Ann got the bright idea of buying a postcard and sending it back to the kids. We found a magazine place that sold postcards, but they don’t sell stamps. Brilliant.

So if you’re reading this, kids, consider it to be your postcard.

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Sep 132014

A veritable horde of caterpillars descended upon the azaleas in my front yard. They had completely stripped one bush barren and were working on the other before I caught ‘em. Ant poison works well.


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Sep 062014

The previous homeowner built a big shed and left it for us. Nice. And he built it sitting on the ground. Fail. It’s had a bunch of termites. So today the family got together to raise the shed up off the ground. We used a 2-ton bottle jack that I bought from Amazon to raise it, then put a bunch of bricks under it. We raised it about 3 inches, which is probably not enough, but it’s better than what it was.




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Sep 062014

Jacen is taking a class on using Blender, a 3D graphics and animation tool, this year. Two weeks into the year and he’s already creating images like this. Wow!


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Sep 012014

Tom and Peggy, about those birdhouses you wanted: I have good news and bad. The good news is that they are done and ready to be picked up. The bad news is that you have to come and get them in person. :-) See ya, soon.


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Sep 012014

For a fine arts class this year Jacen is learning to build 3D animations using Blender. This is his first assignment, which turned out rather well. I’m looking forward to see all of the creative images and videos that he will create this year.


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Aug 302014

I caught this cleverly disguised little guy chomping on my Japanese maple.  I hate caterpillars!

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Aug 302014

Just happened to look out into the yard one day this week and saw a beaver.  He popped out from under the shed and tentatively started to cross the yard.  I got one shot from the upstairs bedroom, but before I could get down into the yard, he took off.  There are a couple small ponds in the neighborhood, so I assume he lives there.

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