Deluge – My First Open Source Software

This week we released my first piece of open source software, known as Deluge.  It uses the new features found in XSLT 3 to process huge data files and streaming web sites.  It’s both a CLI and API and is written with Java; it includes both the binary (a JAR file for Java 7) and the source (a NetBeans 8 project).  My friend, Roger Costello, released the software on his site,, along with a tutorial that he wrote on XML streaming.  Take a look!

Vainglory Video

Vainglory on iOS is currently my favorite video game.  I tend to play support characters, and in this video I play a crystal Adagio, with the plan of keeping my friends alive.  This allows them to focus on damaging the other team.  Did it work?  Find out:

Xbox One

Jacen got an Xbox One for Christmas this year, something he’s been wanting for a while.

Xbox One

It certainly brought out the smiles.

Chicken Coop (Part 2)

On Sunday we continued the work after church. We put down chicken wire for the second floor.


We added posts onto which the walls will be hung.


And finally, Dad built the first door.


There’s still more to do, but it’s looking good.

Chicken Coop (Part 1)

Today we finally began building a chicken coop for the chickens that Emmy wants to buy. She and I had sketched out a few plans, and Dad came down for the weekend to help out.
We began with the base of the frame.

Then we built the frame up to the second level.

Once that was done we built and attached the trap door ramp, which lets the hens go from the ground floor to the second floor.


Finally we built up to the top.



Jacen needed a new bookcase for his room, so he’s been building one in the garage the last two weeks. This afternoon he finished routing the corners, so all that’s left is staining and polying.


Water bottle

Jacen’s skills with Blender continue to grow. First, he created an image using 3D letters with his online handle.


Then he created a water bottle, and wrapped it with the first image. Cool.