Sep 012014

Tom and Peggy, about those birdhouses you wanted: I have good news and bad. The good news is that they are done and ready to be picked up. The bad news is that you have to come and get them in person. :-) See ya, soon.


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Sep 012014

For a fine arts class this year Jacen is learning to build 3D animations using Blender. This is his first assignment, which turned out rather well. I’m looking forward to see all of the creative images and videos that he will create this year.


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Aug 302014

I caught this cleverly disguised little guy chomping on my Japanese maple.  I hate caterpillars!

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Aug 302014

Just happened to look out into the yard one day this week and saw a beaver.  He popped out from under the shed and tentatively started to cross the yard.  I got one shot from the upstairs bedroom, but before I could get down into the yard, he took off.  There are a couple small ponds in the neighborhood, so I assume he lives there.

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Feb 232014

Emilee is not only taking lessons from Megan, but she’s also helping here train the young horse, Jasper. In this picture, they are working on training the horse to jump.

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Feb 222014

For the last few months, Emilee has been taking horseback riding lessons and helping to train a new horse, Jasper. Today I went out to watch and take a few shots.

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Jan 302014

Once we realized how cold it was going to be, we planned our day around Metro stops, thus minimizing walking outdoors. So we took a risk on the National Building Museum. On the one hand, the guided tour on the construction of this 120+ year old building was quite fascinating. Our tour guide knew a lot about this place. On the other hand, the two exhibits we toured were decidedly “meh.” You could take this one or leave it.

The panorama below does a nice job capturing the massive size of the building, which is larger than a football stadium. They used to hold balls in here, and you can see why. (Click the picture and open your browser as wide as it will go to get the full effect.)

national building museum copy

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Jan 292014

After Ford’s Theater, we took the Metro a few stops further to Union Station. It was interesting to walk around and look at the architecture of this old building. We also shopped and had some Indian food in the foot court. If you look at everything, it might take you an hour, but it’s worth the visit.

Here’s another panorama, one from outside the front doors. (Click the picture and open your browser as wide as it will go to get the full effect.)

Union Station 2

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